Denim & Rose Mini Brush Set

Denim & Rose Mini Brush Set - RM230.00

I love cosmetics, but I’m in love with professional brushes.  Cosmetics are often misunderstood.  They’re often regarded as an act of vanity and superficiality.  But what they miss is the point that a perfect make up is an art which requires experience, skills and relentless practice to achieve that perfection.  It is first laid in understanding the personality, character and the contour of the face.  After laying down the understanding of the object (which is the face), the artist will have an end result in mind (the look).  And the make up tools, sponges, brushes etc, are what bridge the foundation to the end results.

That is perfectly why this item is hard to be missed.  Made with mobility in mind, compacted in an easy-to-carry and elegant hand clutch, Bobbi Brown offers you 4 convenient and versatile professional brushes.  Since they are half the length of a standard brush, it actually offers natural grip and control especially when applying on self.  These 4 essential tools are :

Eye Sweep Brush – for the application of base eyeshadow that evenly distributes the shades on your eyelids.

Eye Liner Brush – for the application of Eye Liner to give life to your eyes as our favourite saying goes, “Make Them Pop!”

Angle Eye Shadow Brush – After applying the base eyeshadow, Angle Eye Shadow Brush helps get into the corner and the contour of your natural eyelid.  Made for easy build up and articulate layering of eye shadow.

Face Blender Brush – Multipurpose and versatile.  Can be used for powder, bronzer and blush.

4 professional brushes at an even more affordable cost, that just screams money saver!

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

Four professional-quality brushes-downsized to fit your sleekest evening clutch. Set features the Eye Sweep Brush, Eyeliner Brush, & the Angle Eye Shadow Brush. Plus our multi-purpose Face Blender Brush, which can be used to apply powder, bronzer and blush.

RM230.00 – Stock Available


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