Creamy Eyeliners/Extreme Party Mascara

Oh I love this moment!  This is just so rewarding!  It’s always a highlight in life to know that you’re not starting out alone, and you’re not the only one.  So, I am a Bobbi Brown fan, and you are a Bobbi Brown fan.  So who else is a Bobbi Brown addict?  My very close friend Shannen!  (This is starting to turn out like a Bobbi Brown AA meeting… hah!)

Shannen is an avid Bobbi Brown devotee, oh the secrets of her beautiful face is finally revealed!  Here she would like to share her personal experience she’s had with Bobbi Brown cosmetics.  And not just that, Diva also shares her techniques and skills! Testimonials are awesome!

“I love the creamy eye liners. Mahogany and Dusk are my favourites. Smooth and easy to apply, even for first timer. Best for smokey eyes. I like to smokey my eyes with Charcoal, not heavy and definitely noticeable from far, like you do it effortlessly. Try one, I’m sure you’ll like it. Cat-eyes apparently are a hit thing on the runway this winter!

Creamy Eye Pencil - RM67.50

For a really dramatic cat-eyes, I reckon Kohl eyeliner. The ultimate choice. Draw a longer and thicker tail (draw upwards, stop at where your eyebrows end, or jussssssst a little longer), then apply with volumiser.

Kohl Eye Liner - RM75.00

Try Extreme Party Mascara too. No smudge. No smear. I work under the sun, this stays (cleanse with cleansing oil). For your smokey eyes, give a little twist, Denim is a good choice for mascara. Dot your lower eyelids with Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (Silver in the morning, Gold for night. Fabulous!) Also outline or dot your inner eyelids with Silver, eyes will look much brighter.”

Extreme Party Mascara - Rm72.00

Creamy Eye Pencils- RM67.50

Available In :

Walnut – A Rich Brown, Caviar – A Deep Black Brown, Midnight – A Dark Navy Blue, Hunter – A Dark Green, Brown Plum – A Warm Brown, Dusk – A medium Grey Purple, Charcoal – A Dark Grey, Mohagany – A Dark Brown, Jet – A Jet Black

(Shades without links need to be pre-ordered.)

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

Line and go with Bobbi’s new and improved Creamy Eye Pencil. This modern formula applies smoothly and evenly, and provides intense color. Pencil features a built-in smudger on the opposite end to soften liner for a subtle, smoky effect. Each pencil comes with a complimentary sharpener.


*Kohl Eye Liner – RM75.00

Available In :

*Black – A Jet Black, *Black Chocolate – Blackest Brown, *Black Plum – Blackest Plum

(Kohl Eye Liner series need to be pre-ordered.)

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

Line, define and shade your eyes with Bobbi’s NEW Kohl Eye Liner. This silky-smooth formula delivers dense, even and blendable pigment, so lining your lids superclose to your lashline (without that annoying gap) just got easy. Also great smudged along top and lower lashes for a smoky effect. Available in three shades.


Extreme Party Mascara

RM72.00 – Black

RM80.00 – *Denim

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

Bobbi’s Inspiration: “I created Extreme Party Mascara for women who want the dramatic look of false lashes without the fuss.”


Cleansing Oil – RM126.00 (Needs to be pre-ordered)


Glitter Liquid Eyeliner – Not Available Yet.


How Does Bobbi Brown Do It?


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4 Responses to Creamy Eyeliners/Extreme Party Mascara

  1. Irene says:

    there’s a difference between your two liner that i think you should mention – the kohl liner is softer and more easily smudged for that sexy dark-eyed look. more blend-able than the creamy eye-liner, and defo for a more dramatic look.

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