Shimmer Bricks

I love these Shimmer Bricks!  And I honestly can’t wait to introduce this Bobbi Brown product to you babes!  It acts as a blush and it’s individual strips of colours can also be your eyeshadows.  And by God, the colours are just oh-so-pwetty~

Shimmer Brick – RM142.50

Shimmer Brick Compact - Beach - Rm142.50

Shimmer Brick Compact - Beige - RM142.50

Shimmer Brick Compact - Nectar - RM142.50

Shimmer Brick Nectar is my favourite!  Fantabulous Colours! I love it I love it I love it!

Shimmer Brick Compact - Pink Quartz - RM142.50

Shimmer Brick Compact - Rose - RM142.50

Nectar & Pink Quartz – Ex Stock.

Beach, Beige, Rose – Pre-order needed.

How Do Experts Do It?


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