Tinted Moisturizers

Oops!  Feeling a little lazy?  Need to look good conveniently?  We all face one of those days.  Sure, there are days we feel chic and sassy, but there are also days we feel totally carefree!  But do we wanna look sloppy?  Certainly not.  So here’s the right blend of being carefree and yet… “presentable”.  While looking “presentable”, lock in that moisture too!

So lets check out another line of moisturizer/foundation from Bobbi Brown, the Tinted Moisturizer.

SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer - RM142.50


Available In:

Extra Light Tint, Light, Medium, Medium to Dark, Dark

(Shades without links need to be pre-ordered.)

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect alternative to foundation for a more casual look. Perfect for Normal to Dry skin types. This tint of natural-looking color combined with sun protection blends smoothly over skin, and moisturizes while providing lightweight, comfortable, sheer coverage.

Personal opinion?  I think this is the best item for those who aren’t used to wearing make up, perfect for everyday use with sunscreen protection that keeps your face matte yet constantly hydrated.  All in one.  It is a time saver!


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