Eye & Face Make Up Tutorial & Reviews

This is one of the best youtube tutorials I’ve found on Bobbi Brown.  Knowing that most of us have millisecond attention spam, but do pay attention to what the make up artist says!  It consists of many great tips!

Foundation Stick: #3
Corrector: Light Bisque
Concealer: Beige
Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation: Beige
Powder: Pale Yellow Sheer Finish
Pot Rouge: Aquamarine Color Strip Palette
Eye Shadow for Brows: Saddle
Eye Shadows: Aquamarine Color Strip Palette
Extreme Party Mascara: Black

As you can see, Bobbi Brown cosmetics are really sheer and natural, you can be creative but not at the cost of being artificial.  Natural Long Lasting Foundation does look really matte and natural on this video!  Pot Rouge also is awesome in this video as you can tell, it has such soft and natural look to it, and it is also great as a lip colour!  And if you’re sceptical about how sometimes models always look flawless because they’re young, this video shows otherwise.  Bobbi Brown really is suitable for all age group.

If you still have questions about how the foundation really feels.  Be patient and watch through the youtube review below on Natural Long Lasting Foundation.  She shares a lot of first hand information and comparison.  Here are the key points jotted down if you are super busy.

Key Points :

Natural Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15 promises to 1) Last all day long, 2) Matte Finish, 3) Absorbs the oiliness.  And it is recommended for normal-oily skin.

She personally does not recommend it for people with normal – dry skin.  Especially if your skin is flaky at some point, this product would enhance the flakiness, because the product controls the oil on the face.

Coverage is light to medium.  Since it’s relative, she makes a few comparisons.  Revlon ColourStay – full coverage.  Nars Sheer Glow – medium to full coverage.  Natural Long Lasting Foundation is a lot lighter.  Comes with a convenient pump, and texture is runnier than Revlon ColourStay.

Personal experience of 2 months usage : It really does leave a natural finish!  It doesn’t look like you’re wearing make up, NOT EVEN UP CLOSE.  If you apply without using a primer, it can last for 5 – 8 hrs.  It really does give a matte finish, but few hours later it tends to get a lil dewy.  But even so it gives a natural dewy and satin finish.  Which according to her, it looks better as dewy finish gives more of a 3 dimensional look, matte could sometimes look a little flat.

Her rating : Absolutely (quote) love, love, love, LOVE this product.  It controls oil throughout the day and it is a worthy investment.



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