Pot Rouge – For Lips & Cheeks

There is a reason, well, many reasons why I decided that Bobbi Brown is THE product.  Growing up as a 90’s kid, Bobbi Brown was undoubtedly the quintessential feminist icon that had inspired many of us.  What I really love about her is her insistence in her philosophy.  She emphasizes on natural beauty, not much of extravagant colours, nothing dramatic.  (If you’ve noticed most of Bobbi’s models are brunettes with brown eyes, not your typical blue eyed blondies, I don’t know, just an observation :P)

Parallel with her philosophy, here is Bobbi’s Greatest Hits – Pot Rouge

Pot Rouge - RM85.50


Available In:

Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Powder Pink, Pink Truffle, Pale Pink, Cabo Coral

(Shades without links need to be pre-ordered)

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

This cream-based formula is great on both lips and cheeks for a sheer, stained finish. Available in a wide array of color choices for a variety of skin tones. For All Skin Types. Creamy and easy to blend – pat on lips and cheeks for a pop of color. For best results on cheeks, use fingers or Foundation Brush to apply. Start on the apples of cheeks, blending up towards hairline, then downwards to blend and soften color. For drier skins, be sure to moisturize skin first.

Beauty Bonus: Makes an equally beautiful lip color.


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