Shimmer Brick - Pink Quartz RM142.50

Shimmer Brick - Nectar RM142.50

Pot Rouge - Cabo Coral RM85.50

Pot Rouge - Powder Pink RM85.50

Pot Rouge - Pale Pink RM85.50

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - RM67.50

Jet Black 01 – A Jet Black.
Sepia Ink 02 – A Rich Brown.
Granite Ink 06 – A Dark Grey
Espresso Ink 07 – A Black Brown

Caviar Ink 27 – A Deep Black-Brown
*Denim Ink 28 – A Navy Blue. (Rm75.00)

Different shades of brown ... so beautiful!

Order now and it’s delivered before X’mas!


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Last I checked I was part of the remnants from the dinosaurs. which explains, why do iguanas check me out.
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  1. Hidayah says:


    do you still have the pot rouge in pale pink and powder pink (these colors are so hard to find here in KL..)? as well as the shimmer brick and day and nite warm eye pallete? Interested to buy them..i have just registered with paypal but it needs 2-3 days to verify my account first. If still available, i want to order once my paypal account is verified.
    Q: for shimmer brick, which color are u suggesting. i have a typical malay yellow undertone wearing georgia armani foundation in 5.5



  2. sourmilk says:

    Hi Hidayah!

    First of all, thank you for your comment. 🙂

    Unfortunately, Day & Night Warm Eye Palette has been sold out. If you’d like, it can be pre-ordered. Would you be interested in Day to Night Cool Eye Palette? I am thinking of bringing that in next.

    For Pot Rouge – Powder Pink & Pale Pink are both available.

    Shimmer Bricks I have Nectar & Pink Quartz available. If you’re using Natural Beige 5.5 Foundation by Giorgio Armani (which I think it’s close to Bobbi Brown’s Beige 03/Cool Beige 3.25), both would suit you well. The colours are very versatile and the key is to dust very lightly on your cheeks and let the shimmer naturally glow on your face. Use a blush brush to lightly sweep over all colours, n pat ur cheeks with the brush lightly. The colours are strong so you don’t wanna overdo it.

    I hope this has helped. I’m also waiting for my paypal to be activated! 😀

    Happy Holidays n thank you =)

  3. Hidayah says:

    thanks so much for the reply..

    am gonna send u an email to discuss more about this…


  4. sourmilk says:

    Hi Hidayah,

    Would just like to update you, Pot Rouge Powder Pink & Pale Pink have been sold off. Shimmer Brick Nectar has also been sold off. I have only left Shimmer Brick Pink Quartz.
    Have you considered about the products yet? Please let me know if there are any other items you’re interested as I’m about to submit my order soon (probably before January)

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 😀

  5. Hidayah says:


    thanks so much for the updates…i was eying for the shimmer brick in nectar but so sad it’s sold out oredy..for pot rouge however, i found out that it’s too dry for my lips n cheeks so wouldnt want to repurchase it..for the pink quartz however, am still thinking about it..

    i am tempted to buy the cream shadow – however i’m going to have to do real swatches first at bb counter to see which one suits me best. am looking for it to be my base shadow and another color to give instant ‘pop’ to my eyes if i am too lazy to wear multiple colors..any colors u want to suggest? i might be going for sandy gold or sand dollar and am in love with galaxy but afraid that it would be too shimmery for everyday look..will keep u posted when i’ve done the color swatches ya..

    • sourmilk says:


      How did your xmas go? Anything exciting for the coming nye?

      Anyway I’m finalizing my order tmr, lemme know so I can get the stocks by mid jan. I can arrange COD cause I’ll be in KL on 16th (about a week stay), will probably be at PJ area, but you might have to pick it up at whichever hotel I”m staying at. Let me know if you’ve decided on which shimmer brick to get. I still have heaps of existing stock for Gel eyeliners and creamy eye pencils. Anything else that you’er interested in?

      If you think yourself as fair, then safe to go with nectar. If you think yourself as more on the tanned side, pink quartz will be brilliant. brings out the 3D-ness of your cheeks and the whole facial structure. Like a Jessica Alba look on a red carpet. But both are actually versatile. my fren who’s porcelain skin really loved pink quartz.

      If you wanna extend the versatility of shimmer brick you may go for pink quartz as it has more of the brown undertone on each individual strip. that way you can use it as eyeshadows from the highlight to the brown strip.

      some videos for your reference as to how shimmer bricks work on different skintone and stuff.

      Wish your 2011 is a blast, and world peace too!

    • sourmilk says:

      as for cream eye shadow. most of the colours are in matte form. there’s another range which is metallic cream eye shadow. I have not posted it up yet but it’s available, priced the same as cream eye shadow RM67.50. The first few colours that I picked was actually bone/steel/slate. all very neutral brown tone, bone is white matte. As when I picked the stock I had only OLs in mind. to apply quickly without fuss in shortest time possible, swap swap n go. I would say white matte is multifunctional. either to highlight the corner of the eye or use as base. There is another colour NUDE and that is solely made for the purpose of layering a base.
      I would say blend Bone (off white matte) or Navajo (creamy pinkish white) can mix it up with anything, sand dollar or sandy gold too. That case white will be ur base, n sand dollar/sandy gold will be your pop colour. or you can work the other way round, have sandy gold/sand dollar as ur base, n apply glacier (creamy white shimmer) – the shimmer as ur pop colour. 2 tones only, not multiple yet. pretty easy! no brush n just swap n go!

      Don’t worry about shimmer for day or night. cause bobbi brown categorized her products really well. It just gives a sheer effect, but non too glittery. when label says shimmer, you don’t get glittery. it is from sheer – shimmer. so by reading the labels n the intro on the websites, you pretty much know what colours and what type you’re getting.

      But I do agree, go to the outlet and give a real swatch and you can share more bout it with me. (this is my homework… lol)
      just get versatile colours that you can mix n match with without the need to do all the kungfu skills on the eyes. I wanna go out and have fun but I don’t wanna sit at the mirror for 3hrs just to get my eye colours right.

      hope that makes sense… lol cheers!

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