*Day to Night Warm Eye Palette

Christmas Christmas Christmas!  My favourite time of the year!  I really just can’t wait for some break that each and everyone of us hard working citizen deserves!  It is the most wholesome time of the year.  I love receiving presents, but I yield more satisfaction at giving presents.  It is a time of acknowledgement to all those who have stood by you, your colleagues, your dear friends, your family throughout the thick and thin.  And truthfully I don’t think I could’ve made it this year or any year, without their understanding and their forgiveness.

In celebration of such a fantastic festival, let me recommend this splendid eye palette from Bobbi Brown.  I am grabbing one, because I damn well deserve to pamper myself!  Not only it is a great gift to pamper yourself, it is also a gift that will never go wrong for your beloved friends and family.

Day to Night Warm Eye Palette - RM190.00

*Day to Night Warm Eye Palette – RM190.00

What Does Bobbi Brown Say?

Going out tonight? No need to start your makeup from scratch. Thanks to a mix of matte, metallic and shimmering textures, these two beautifully composed eye palettes let you go soft and natural for the office, then mix it up when the sun goes down.

Four rich, toasty shades of brown plus an all-over shade and powder liner.

Need to take a closer look?  Check this out:


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